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Thermo Tec provides reliable installation and prompt servicing to keep you comfortable. We offer solutions based on your ideal environment, and work to maximize performance and efficiency from your chosen system

Heating & HVAC

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We offer a variety of services and products that will keep you warm and comfortable. Our team is experienced and professional, offering you  trustworthy and knowledgeable installation and repair teams.

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Mini-Split System (single zone)

A single zone mini split is a great option for an open concept, smaller living area, or a single room that is too warm or cold.

Mini-Split System (multi-zone)

Highly customizable option to heat and cool multiple rooms in a house. These are set up as different ‘zones’ within the home and each ‘zone’ can be controlled independently.

Ducted Heat Pumps

A great option if your home has existing, well maintained ductwork. These can also be set up to work with the properties existing source of heating (like an oil or gas furnace) as a backup.

Gas Furnaces

If your home has existing ductwork, and an electrical panel with lower capacity (less than 100amp), and no plans to upgrade, a gas furnace may be a good option for you.

Keeping cool in the summer can be just as important as keeping warm in the winter. We are here to help!

Get in touch to talk to one of our team about your air conditioning or air filtration needs.

Air Conditioning

The majority of heat pumps also have a cooling feature, and we recommend installing a heat pump with both functions, rather than a standalone air conditioning unit.

Air Filtration

If you have allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions, an air purifier or filtration system may be a good fit for your home.

We can offer advice and consultation on which option would be best for you and your home.

Cooling & Air Filtration

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Repair & Maintenance

For repairs, maintenance, or in emergencies – you can count on Thermo Tec!

We offer a variety of maintenance solutions, 24 hour emergency call out service, and transparent repair costs.

To learn more, please have a look at some of what we offer below.

General Repairs

If your system is operating inefficiently, making noises, or just not working at all – contact ThermoTec for a general maintenance call.

Our professional and knowledgeable team will schedule a prompt service call to sort out any niggles or issues with your system. We offer transparent servicing and parts costs, and timing for repair.

Seasonal Maintenance

To keep your heating or cooling system operating at its most efficient, we recommend an annual maintenance call.

What does this cover? We go over the operation of the system, and ensure each component is operating as it should. During this call, we will also offer recommendations and pricing on any parts that are showing signs of wear and tear.

The service:

    • Replace filters (please note: new filters are not included in the cost of the service. If you would like to purchase filters at the time of your service, we will add these as a separate line item)
    • Check bearings, and belt tension on HVAC
    • Check heating elements for proper operation and amp draw
    • Check contactors and wiring for signs of rubbing and wear
    • Check electrical connections for signs of wear
    • Check condensate drains are clear
    • Cycle unit on after checks – check regular operation and defrost
    • T-stat – reset filter timers, check time is correct
    • Check all panels are secure

Ask us about setting up maintenance reminders!

Deep Clean

Has it been a few years since your heat pump install? Have you recently done renovations or repairs to your property that generate dust? Then it may be time for a deep clean of your indoor unit.

Getting a deep clean service improves air quality by circulating cleaner air throughout your home. This service can also improve the operating efficiency of your unit.

A deep clean service includes:

    • Cleaning of the heat pump main housing
    • Internal barrel fan cleaning and sanitization
    • Removal and scrubbing of the filters and core parts
    • Inspection of the outdoor vent covers and cleaning
    • Cleaning of the ceiling and/or wall vent covers
    • Cleaning and sanitization of the evaporator coil
    • Cleaning and sanitization of the condensation tray
    • Flushing (or replacement if necessary) of the condensate drain
    • Drying of all cleaned and sanitized parts, and testing to ensure proper operation

For pricing and further information – contact us!

24hr emergency service

We offer 24 hour call out services, so we can respond promptly to any emergencies.

Maintenance Program

For local businesses, and owners of multiple properties we offer preventative maintenance contracts that are reviewed and renewed annually. Let us help protect the investment you have made in your HVAC systems.

When you sign a maintenance contract with Thermo Tec, you are given preferred customer attention, two seasonal maintenance services per year, and top priority for any HVAC breakdowns.

Be safe, not sorry, with our maintenance program.

Looking for other offerings?

Thermo Tec Mechanical can help. If you are looking for advice or consultation on a design or plan – get in touch!

We also stock a variety of HVAC filters, materials, and parts at the ready. If we don’t have it on hand, we can track it down for you!