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Three Generations of Excellence
Our History

A Legacy of Excellence Spanning Three Generations

When you choose Thermo Tec Mechanical, you’re joining thousands of homeowners and dozens of businesses in the Comox Valley who trust our HVAC services, backed by three generations of the Nelson family’s dedication to excellence.

Mike Nelson learned from his father who recently passed, a sheet-metal entrepreneur who started his own business in Campbell River. Mike went on to found Thermo Tec, where the family’s tradition of excellence and innovation is shared with his wife Carole, his sons Julian and Kyle, and all of the members of the Thermo Tec team.

Our team is continually trained in the latest HVAC trends and technologies so we offer our customers the most efficient and cost-effective solutions available.

We are pioneers in the use of cold climate heat pumps, designed to work within the wild variations of our West Coast weather.

At Thermo Tec, we’re proud of our deep connection to the Comox Valley, and we pride ourselves on our relentless commitment to quality, service and innovation.

In fact, if you step into the hospitals in Comox or Campbell River, you’ll experience the refrigeration systems that we installed. You can also experience our cold climate heating systems in action at Glacier View Lodge, the Pickled Carrot Catering Company, and in a new project we’re particularly proud of, the the Vampire Pavilion at CFB Comox, where one of the world’s most innovative post-WW2 jets will eventually be housed.

While we’re proud of our larger commercial projects, we know that our continued success relies on the satisfaction and trust of each individual home owner and business we serve.

That service also includes helping you find the best grants and rebates currently available.

At Thermo Tec, we don’t just sell our technology; we use it. Mike’s family and the team have our systems in our homes. We truly live, work and breathe the solutions we install. Right here, in the Comox Valley.

Mike Nelson, Julian Nelson and Kyle Nelson - Themo Tec Family
Kyle and Julian Nelson
A Father-Son Succession Story

Thermo Tec Mechanical:
A Family Business on the Cutting Edge of Technology

Just as Mike Nelson followed in his father’s footsteps to become a tradesman-entrepreneur in the world of sheet metal and HVAC, so has Mike’s two sons followed him into Thermo Tec Mechanical.

Kyle and Julian Nelson share a passion for excellence, with multiple certifications in refrigeration, sheet metal, gasfitting and more.

While both were “born” into the business, Kyle is Thermo Tec’s Lead Sheet Metal Technician, with experience working in Fort McMurray and Victoria before returning home to the family business in Courtenay. With nearly two decades of front-line experience, Kyle works mainly with sheet metal, which forms a large portion of the firm’s residential and commercial business.

Julian, meanwhile, is Thermo Tec’s General Manager and lead technician.

About two years ago, Mike began positioning the company for his eventual retirement as Julian took over more and more of the firm’s managerial tasks.

Now Mike is largely in a sales role, while his two sons run the firm’s day-to-day business.

I love seeing the two boys working together,” Mike says. “Having my boys continue the business makes me very proud. I can’t wait to see what the next 20 years will bring.”

Mike Nelson

Mike Nelson

Owner / Founder
  • Refrigeration Technician
  • Sheet Metal Mechanic
  • Gas Service Technician
  • F.S.R. Electrical Technician

Mike is a seasoned HVAC professional with decades of experience in the industry, carrying forward a family legacy that began with his father, a sheet metal worker, who founded Alltec in Campbell River in 1989. Mike, alongside his brother and father, built a robust foundation in the HVAC industry.

After his father sold the company, Mike continued to hone his skills and established Thermo Tec Mechanical in 2005, focusing on specialized heating and cooling systems, particularly for our challenging climate.

He is a Courtenay local, and proud to call the Comox Valley home.

Under his leadership, Thermo Tec has taken on significant projects, including major installations in hospitals, residential complexes, and notable landmarks throughout the Comox Valley. His dedication to quality and customer satisfaction is evident in his approach to service, always considering what he would do “if it were his mom’s house.”

As Mike plans for retirement, the business is transitioning to his sons, ensuring the family’s values and dedication to excellence continue. When not at work, you can find Mike working on projects around his house, (there is a never ending list of improvements), or camping with Carole and their dogs.

Carol Nelson

Carole Nelson

Admin / Customer Service

Sunshine might be just the way to describe Carole and her influence in the office. Constantly on the go, Carole always has a smile and a laugh to spare. She plays a crucial and multifaceted role at Thermo Tec, contributing significantly to both the operational and social aspects of the company. As the “morale officer,” Carole is instrumental in fostering a positive work environment, organizing monthly team dinners to facilitate communication and team bonding.

Always positive and an excellent communicator, Carole is deeply committed to both our clients and staff. She strengthens Thermo Tec’s operational backbone, upholding our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Outside of work you will find Carole doing one of her many hobbies (painting, rhinestone artwork, woodburning, and more!), or camping with Mike and their Australian Shepherds, Salt and Pepper.

Julian Nelson

Julian Nelson

General Manager
  • Refrigeration Technician
  • Sheet Metal Mechanic
  • Class B Gasfitter

Julian was born and raised in the HVAC trade, and those of us at Thermo Tec have seen more than a few photos of Julian (and Kyle) “helping out” at all ages. Enthusiastic, and unwaveringly positive, if there is a head-scratcher of an issue, Julian will gleefully figure it out, and won’t leave it alone until he has an answer.

Besides being an excellent problem solver, Julian prides himself on being approachable and reliable.

As General Manager, Julian is poised to take over the company – working alongside his brother Kyle – as Mike eventually heads into retirement.

Julian brings passion, energy and hard work to Thermo Tec, working well with local builders and contractors on large and small projects.

Outside of work you can find Julian doing something active and outside with his fiancée and their dogs, Milo and Oakley.

Kyle Nelson

Kyle Nelson

Lead Sheet Metal Technician
  • Sheet Metal Mechanic

Kyle has been working in sheet metal for almost 20 years (although you could really say it has been a lifetime). Besides a stint in Fort McMurray, Kyle spent time in Victoria working on high-profile and demanding marine industry projects.

Kyle’s work there included exacting projects on warships, submarines and cruise ships.
As lead sheet metal technician, Kyle is no stranger to hard work. Committed to excellence, he is detail oriented, resilient and reliable.

Kyle grew up in Courtenay, recently returning to live once again in the Comox Valley and work in the family business.

Off the job, you can find Kyle working on renovations in his new house, or enjoying the outdoors with his girlfriend and their dogs Marley and Rusty.

Nicolas Sheehan

Nicolas Sheehan

Refrigeration Technician

Nic has been a valued member of the Thermo Tec team for about three years, initially exploring sheet metal before finding his niche in refrigeration. Known for his strong work ethic and his quick wit, Nic quickly lightens the mood and keeps spirits high among his colleagues.

He’s also the go-to person for restaurant recommendations in the Valley and surrounding areas, always ready to suggest the perfect spot for any culinary craving. When he’s not at work, Nic is a devoted father of two, spending quality time with his family and cherishing every moment together. His meticulous nature and thorough approach ensure that every refrigeration system he works on is installed and maintained to the highest standards, making him a top-notch tradesman, and a respected and approachable member of our team.

Austin Harvey

Austin Harvey

Refrigeration Technician

Austin is easygoing and adept at handling any task that comes his way. A Comox Valley local, we are thrilled to have him as a part of the Thermo Tec team. Outside of work, you can find Austin fishing, golfing, or engaging in virtually any activity that involves being outdoors.

Like so many of his co-workers, Austin is a problem solver with a laser-like focus on his work. He plays a critical role in ensuring that heating and cooling systems operate efficiently, safely, and reliably, both in residential and commercial settings. Known for his diligence, methodical approach, and cooperative nature, Austin not only excels in technical skills but also shines in teamwork and customer interactions, making him a valued asset to our operations and the communities we serve.

Tony Nguyen

Tony Nguyen

Sheet Metal Technician

Tony has the most contagious laugh and is like the energizer bunny. He approaches everything he does with a can-do attitude and positive outlook. Tony is an avid cook, and outside of work, you can find him cooking up a storm and spending time with his girlfriend and two cats.

Hardworking, enthusiastic and eager to learn, Tony’s cooperative spirit and focus are evident in every aspect of his work. His precision in handling sheet metal and dedication to quality make him an indispensable part of our team. Tony’s commitment to quality always shines through, helping to drive our projects forward, and ensuring that we not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations.

Katey Calvert

Katey Calvert

Customer Service

Katey is enthusiastic and always ready with a positive attitude. Having only recently moved to the Valley, she is currently putting down roots. Outside of work, you can find her working on her house, or spending quality time with her dog Fritter and her two cats.

Katey brings a contagious enthusiasm to our customer service team, making her a warm and personable point of contact for our clients.

Her approach is organized and methodical, ensuring that every customer interaction is handled with care and efficiency.

Known for her eloquence, Katey excels at resolving issues, generally before they happen, and building strong, positive relationships with clients. Her dedication and friendly demeanor are key to maintaining Thermo Tec’s high standards of customer satisfaction.

Cathy Brydon

Cathy Brydon

Customer Service

Cathy keeps everything running smoothly, serving as the chief organizer and the backbone of our scheduling system. She has a knack for solving problems effortlessly and boasts an incredible memory — never forgetting a name or face. Cathy’s wicked sense of humor and readiness with a witty comment keep our team spirits high. An avid traveler, outside of work, you can find Cathy soaking up the sunshine with her husband and cat, Aura.

Cathy’s approachable nature and articulate communications style make her a standout in customer service. Her focus and precision ensure that every detail is meticulously managed. Her organizational skills enhance our ability to serve our clients effectively, making her an indispensable part of Thermo Tec’s customer service team.