What We Do

You can depend on Thermo Tec!

Whether you operate a large supermarket or own a corner store. Whether you’re responsible for a large business enterprise or a small one you need reliable installation and prompt servicing of your heating, air conditioning and refrigeration systems so you can serve your customers without interruption.

As surely as your customers depend on you, you can depend on Thermo Tec Mechanical for:

  • Installing and servicing all your commercial refrigeration equipment
  • Installing and servicing your commercial and industrial walk in coolers and walk in freezers
  • Installing and servicing all your residential, commercial and industrial heating and cooling appliances
  • Completing HVAC service maintenance for your cooling and heating systems through preventive attention as part of a regular service contract and immediate attention in an emergency
  • Keeping a stocked inventory of refrigeration parts, HVAC refrigerant, HVAC filters, and other HVAC supplies so we have your part when you need it
  • Offering you expert HVAC services and consulting for your heating, cooling and refrigeration equipment, and for all your HVAC systems components

Commercial Refrigeration

You’ll be our valued Thermo Tec customer and we’ll look after all your refrigeration needs.
 From the first time we meet you, we think of ourselves as your team member, 
actively contributing to the success of your business. Working side-by-side with
you to ensure that you’re able to meet your customers’ needs, 
you can count on us to:

  • Install your commercial refrigeration equipment so it performs without interruption
  • Service your refrigeration equipment promptly when needed
  • Provide regular preventive maintenance so your industrial refrigeration equipment functions efficiently in both low and peak-demand times
  • Update your commercial refrigeration equipment to look like new
  • Remove your refrigeration equipment when it’s ready to be replaced

In short, when it comes to commercial refrigeration and HVAC, we can do it all!

Residential and Commercial HVAC

We can meet all your residential and commercial HVAC needs. We work together with
you to protect the investment you’ve made in your HVAC systems. 
You can count on us to:

  • Install your HVAC equipment so it performs reliably
  • Service your HVAC systems promptly when needed
  • Have the right HVAC supplies at the ready
  • Provide regular HVAC service maintenance so your heating and cooling systems function at peak efficiency at all times
  • Remove your HVAC equipment when it’s ready to be replaced

When it comes to the HVAC systems you use in your business, we want you to consider us your partner. 
We know you will appreciate what we can do.

Walk In Coolers and Walk In Freezers

  • Thermo Tec will provide you with full service for your walk in coolers, 
your walk in freezers, and all your refrigeration equipment, including:
  • Drawing up the plans for building a walk in cooler, a walk in freezer, or any other component of your refrigeration system
  • Installing walk in cooler/freezer refrigeration and the rest of the refrigeration equipment
  • Completing regular service and maintenance upgrades for your entire commercial refrigeration system
  • Responding promptly to your needs with our 24 hour emergency service
  • Keeping a stocked inventory of refrigeration and HVAC parts for your systems, so we have your part when you need it
  • Removing your outdated walk in cooler or freezer, and any other commercial refrigeration equipment, when you’re ready to purchase the next generation of technology

Preventive Service Contracts for HVAC Service Maintenance and Refrigeration

Thermo Tec encourages regular maintenance for your HVAC systems and refrigeration equipment to prevent equipment breakdowns and malfunctions and to extend the life of your appliances. Let us sign you up for one of our preventive maintenance programs, so we can become your partner in maintaining your systems according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. We’ll provide you with a planned maintenance schedule that will cover the life of your equipment and help you protect your investment.

When you sign a preventive maintenance contract with Thermo Tec, you’re given preferred customer attention, regular visits, and top priority when your HVAC systems and refrigeration equipment need service. At Thermo Tec, preventive maintenance is carried out thoroughly and knowledgeably, by qualified and experienced Thermo Tec technicians.

Be safe, not sorry, with Thermo Tec preventive maintenance. 
Contact Thermo Tec Mechanical Ltd. for All Your Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Needs.